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cams review
Cams is a tremendously popular adult live sex cam site that is free to join without a credit card. It is used the world over to create an interactive atmosphere between models and fans.

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Unlike other adult film mediums, campsites can bring models and their adoring fans closer together and alavi model to understand what their fans are looking for. In exchange, sounds can still like the model that they are watching understands them on a personal level and they are not just a face in the crowd. Even though everything is done over the internet, personal attention is a very powerful tool that camming is providing to fans, models, and cam website creators.

As a member of the site, each fan has the ability to converse with whomever they please, and use currency in the form of purchased tokens to have private chat with a model or tip their respective services. Tokens are a means to partake in a more intimate form of conversation and communication with a member’s favorites. A token system also means that the website is very protective of their members personal information and credit card info.

By using a token system, their users can buy a one-time purchase of a certain amount of tokens and then use the tokens whenever they wish. They do not have to make a separate purchase every time they want to buy content or tip a model. It is all done with tokens.

Moreover, incorporates a texting service to connect one on one with models, as well as a toy one can use to pleasure them with the touch of a button. Sites that allow for the use and manipulation of sex toys are actually practicing an implementing a brand new technology that has never been used before. Remote controled toys are one of the ways that technology is changing the way human beings have sex with each other. Each are designed to add a new level of interactivity few other cam sites employ, and are just a couple of the ways it differs from other chat services.


The freedom of is one of its biggest selling points, as there are very few parameters in place for both models and members. If you are 18 years of age you can either become a model or fan, or even both. Signing up is a simple and straight-forward process that is quick to complete so you can be chatting with sexy singles in a matter of minutes. Or you can even become that sexy single that people want to talk to!

The site is quite versatile and allows for all types of interactions. You can also be a model one day and then also be a fan the next day. Potential members are not restricted by location or country, and the website can be accessed all over the world. does not necessitate long term commitments, and customers are free to leave or close their account at any time. Unlike other adult websites, there is no leaving fee or punishment for closing your account. Usernames and passwords can also be revisited in the future should a previous member care to rejoin.

Since the site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is always available to its users, regardless of what time zone they reside in. And because the site has many people from different locations, users are guaranteed to find a live cammer at any time.

Browsing The Site review
The organization in place on is sleek and informative and establishes an easy to use medium to chat with anyone you desire. There are a plethora of ways to narrow down your interests and tastes that suit your fancy. Some of the categories include filtering by age, ethnicity, body type, kinks, specialty, and hair color. Not only can visitors and members pinpoint the subset that interests them the most, they are also given a count of how many models are available in any category in real time.

Additionally, if you have no specific preferences, merely clicking ‘models online’ will grant you access to everyone in any category that is currently live streaming. Tags are another method with which the large variety of models can be simplified based on specific words. This may be one of our most favorite features that we think that other sites should definitely have.

With the ‘models online’ feature, we were able to easily find tons of cammers that were both live and were part of different niches that we have never considered. We consider it a bonus when a website has an easy-to-use tool that helps users discover new and exciting categories and niches.


The biggest appeal to is that it boasts one of the largest arrays of models on the world wide web. With categories for females, males and transgender, there is no shortage of people to engage in interactive chat with. has a highly regarded reputation on the internet of showcasing some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and at any given time there are hundreds to thousands available for conversation. ModelsEach model has the option upon signing up to create a basic profile that tells their prospective audience a little about themselves, as well as their interests, and of course, turn-ons. Profiles represent an extension of each individual’s personality, and allows them to highlight themselves to stand out among the pack. It is here where users searching through the site can find age, race, language, and sexual preference, among other pertinent information.

Profiles can be fleshed out at the discretion of each model to include custom videos, pictures, and recorded shows. Perhaps most importantly, models can place their performance and chat availability in this space to keep interested parties up to date as to their schedule.

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Feedback is a crucial component to the success of, as fans have the opportunity to leave comments and reviews on a model’s page. This is a mutually beneficial action because it allows people the chance to reward their favorite stars while at the same time broadening the model’s popularity. Models can advertise their cam links on social media and other websites to attract a wider audience.

Types Of Shows

Live sex cam shows operate in a series of ways, and is no exception. Buzzmode and Text Me are two types that focus specifically on an enhanced state of interactivity. These shows are usually more personal than those of the standard variety. Private shows allow users to have their model focus solely on them or a select group of people. Finally, tip and nude shows encourage the usage of coins and ‘rewarding’ models whom you enjoy watching.

While primarily most shows have one model, there is a subset offered that has couples as well. This falls under the specialty category, which also includes threesomes, girl on girl, and live college girls.

Cams Live

One of the biggest upsides to the shows on is that they give each model free reign to decide how much they charge for their services, as well as how long each show commences. This allows performers to be active on their own accord and give them the autonomy to set a schedule they are most comfortable with.

You may think that because models are able to charge whatever they once, that every model charges outrageous prices and you will be unable to afford even the smallest bits of content. However this is just not true. Although I’m sure models would like to charge as much as possible, they also have a lot of competition and they must keep their prices competitive. The free market even has its hand in the adult camming industry!


Though it is dependent on the type of camera each model utilizes, the bulk of video and live feeds on are high definition, and represent the pinnacle of quality for interactive chat. HD cameras are a must for many people, so it is a good sign that models who perform on this site use HD. The site is designed for an effortless viewing experience with minimal interruptions, and the platform is conducive to even internet signals that are less strong than others.

Customer Service

Safety and tolerance are at the forefront of’s policies, and any violations are handled swiftly on a case by case basis. Any user can notify the staff of potential wrong doing to guarantee that both models and fans are comfortable at all times. However, we do think that there should be different customer service sections for user issues that have to do with the site and it’s performance or layout and a separate area for user issues with models.


Universally recognized, is an engaging, fun, interactive sex cam experience that is reliable and has new models flooding in to join on a daily basis. From sign up to communication with the models, it is a streamlined, error-free platform that is user friendly. It’s customer service is quite good and the way it treats its users and models should be replicated by many websites all over the internet.

Overall Rating


Are they the kinkiest as the site claims? Perhaps they are, but that can never really be proven. Are they the sexiest? Is the ultimate live adult adventure? Those two questions have highly suggestive answers. Still, is a great adult webcam sites.

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