Chaturbate Review 2020: The Biggest & The Best Free Live Cam Site?

Chaturbate Review 2019
Considering their slogan is “the act of masturbating while chatting online” it should come as no surprise that the adult webcam site Chaturbate is not for all ages. In addition to showcasing extremely explicit material, it is uncensored, and provides one of the most raw experiences for those willing to participate in both witnessing and discussing fetishes.

Chaturbate operates as a two-fold process: you can either be a performer and talk, engage with and perform for fans, or be a voyeuristic member who browses the site as you please and tips your favorite talent at your own pace.

Chaturbate has users from all over the world and has members online every minute of the day. They are in the top 5 when it comes to active users in regards to mature cam communities, and highlight fantasies and bringing sexual desires to fruition.

Who Is Chaturbate Designed For?

Believe it or not, the clientele for Chaturbate is wide ranging, from legal youths and millenials to even people 50+ years of age. Even though it is filled with individuals 30 and under, it actually employs a generous variety of interests regardless of the date on your birth certificate.

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That said, make no mistake, Chaturbate is far from a dating site. Instead, it is a hub where visitors of all walks of life can communicate about or watch sexual acts. Fans can request certain things from a performer, be it a striptease, some dirty talk, or use of an adult toy. This all goes through the discretion of the model themselves, and not Chaturbate.


Chaturbate ModelsBesides fulfilling their freedom to be an exhibitionist, models use Chaturbate to be hounded by legions of fans who are attracted or interested in them, in addition to earning a living. Users have the option to use tokens to reward the talent they are watching, and they have full power over how much they wish to contribute and when. There is not a capped limit to the amount of tokens a model can receive, which is often why the most popular performers on the site are live several hours a week. These tokens are bought by members, and converted into cash in the real world by the models. Performers can also accrue tokens by being ranked. In other words, the more popular they become, the more points they can achieve to win various site contests.

There are several variables that make Chaturbate the success with their audience that it is, but one is that if you are aiming to live broadcast your webcam, there is no experience required.

In fact, just because pornstars can be found in the community, does not mean there aren’t thousands of amateurs making a solid income doing what they love as well.


If you are a visitor on Chaturbate, it will take about 3 seconds to realize if it is for you or not. Chances are that if you have arrived at the site, you already know what is in store for you. Because users are occasionally skeptical to use tokens initially, you have the autonomy to browse for free. This provides more than enough access to get your feet wet and discover the inner-workings of how the site operates, and what you personally can get out of it.

For example, if you are uncertain as to whether there are enough models that fit to your liking, you can search at will and decide later on if you wish to proceed bringing a paid membership into the fold.

What Are Tokens And Why Are They Important?

Chaturbate Tokens

Obviously tokens are of tremendous value to performers, as this is how their time and effort is converted into a paycheck. If Chaturbate were described as being an adult webcam site, its core would undoubtedly have to refer to how tokens make the operation a success. Tokens are earned by models by users acquiring them either for free (usually through promotions) or ‘paying’ for their services. They are currency in a digital form, that are bought securely by members.

The motivation behind a visitor acquiring tokens is that it provides them the most access the site has to offer. This comes in the form of locked picture galleries and videos that free users can never access. However the biggest reason members purchase tokens is so they can engage in private chat with their favorite model or couple to give them an intimate setting to communicate.

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Since every model has to log offline eventually, their profile stands in their place to notify fresh visitors of their wants and desires, and their specialties in regards to what they can perform. Profiles serve two purposes: for one, they are the home base to have private and group chats, and they also are an area where potential customers can find out more about who they are, and if the mood strikes, buy some of their locked material. Pics and pre-recorded shows and videos that can be opened with the use of a token exchange are particularly advantageous to models, because it allows them to earn money even when they are not performing.

Most of the top performers on Chaturbate have very full profiles, extensively laying out their likes, dislikes, turn ons, turn offs, and body decorations, instead of just listing their name and age.

It is also a wise path for a model to take to include as much about themselves as possible, since this will make the search algorithm crawl their profile and recommend it to users more frequently. Obviously this is desirable, as it grants the talent an opportunity to widen their fan base.

Searching For Models

Chaturbate search
Chat rooms can be sifted through by visitors through tabs that have Female, Male, Couples, and Trans. This makes the process seamless, and it is almost impossible to get lost on Chaturbate, regardless of how the interface appears on whichever medium you are using to access it, be it phone, tablet or PC. There are additional methods available to narrow down your search as well. You can either go to advanced options, or click on highlighted hashtags that feature commonly requested fetishes and categories.


Likely the largest concern when it comes to adult cam sites is the safety of its performers and visitors. Being such a free and open forum of sexuality, this is increasingly difficult to guarantee, but Chaturbate does what they can to limit problems in every regard. Before you can even access the site, visitors are required to confirm they are of age to view legal content. While this obviously does not deter everyone, their security center is consistently on top of problematic members or escalating situations.

More pertinent, Chaturbate never shares the information of its users unless the are legally subpoenaed by law enforcement. Additionally, credit card and currency transactions are processed securely, deterring even the most ardent scammers.

Overall Rating


There are an abundance of options available on Chaturbate, but one of its claims to fame is not overwhelming every visitor with too much information. It is easy to whittle down chat rooms by interest, but does not rely as heavily on additional areas on the forum as some competitors. Chaturbate knows what it offers and what it wants to be, and that is a fun and free place to engage in intimate conversation and adult play.

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