DXLive Review – What Makes This Live Cam Site Such A Good Choice?

DXLive Review
At a first glance, DXLive might seem a bit confusing. The website is based on Japanese live sex cams – excellent for those who are into those doll faced models. Luckily, it has an English version as well. You are asked something about your age in Japanese and you can answer in both English and Japanese. Choose the English answer and the website will automatically go to the English version. But then, is it worth your time and money? This DXLive review will give you all the details you require about what is inside. So, what should you know about DXLive?

Interface and Style

The website interface is quite stylish and pretty coherent. It is hard to get lost because everything is readily available. You have a few stats on the main page, such as the total number of models online, as well as the total number of registered models. Each thumbnail gives you some details, such as whether the model has a microphone or a remote toy to vibrate when you tip. It will also tell you whether she is new (up to two months) or really new (up to five days).

The good news is that even if this is the first time you are on a live sex cam site, you will get around it pretty easily. New users can take an interactive tour, which will explain pretty much any major feature.

Models and Performers

DXLive modelsAt this point, there are just over 40,000 girls registered – both amateurs and more experienced cam girls. The number keeps growing on a daily basis though, so do not be surprised to see lots of new girls sign by performers’ names. Maybe encourage them a little and go in to say hi or drop a tip.

No matter which category you go into, you will find models’ thumbnails. Click on the one you like and a new window will open. Having everything in new windows can be a bit annoying at times, but let this be the only inconvenience.

Language Barrier and Communication

Unless you are Japanese, DXLive might put you off because of the language barrier – do not let that happen. The website will compensate through quality as pretty much each of these girls is immaculate. There are language indicators by each babe’s thumbnail though. Some of them speak English, while others do not. It can get a bit frustrating at times, especially if you pay for a private show. However, there is a translation feature. Stick to basic words or the automatic translation might go wrong.

In terms of communication, models with microphones are better because hearing them talk and moan will add to the overall experience.

Camera Quality and Requests

Camera quality is good – classic cams are more popular than HD cams. No DXLive review will ever really complain about it though, as you can see what you need to see. Models and their rooms are well lit and details are quite visible.

In terms of requests, it depends from one model to another. Some of them might take their tops off within seconds, while others may request lots of begging to have them turned around sliding fingers everywhere. The remotely controlled vibrators make a show quite hot, especially as you have control over them.

Payments and Subscriptions

There are more ways to pay once you decide on a subscription type – something for everyone. The same rule applies when it comes to subscriptions. Start with something low and short first, to make sure you actually enjoy the models on site, then you can upgrade.

The local currency is points. Although it is not a general rule, a point is usually worth a minute. It is important to know that some performers charge other prices. It depends on how popular they are and what their personal prices are.

New members can take advantage of a few bonuses that change on a regular basis. But generally speaking, you will probably be able to purchase some minutes for a really low price. You can normally use such a bonus once only.

Who DXLive Is for?

DXLive is mostly recommended to those into Asian chicks. There are mostly females there – almost no guys. If you are into good looking girls dressed immaculately, this is the perfect place for you.

There are obviously a few contraindications too. If HD cams are your thing, you might be a bit disappointed at times. Also, most models are young. Even if they are in their late 30s, they still look like teenagers. If you are into European or American mature models, this place is not for you.

What I Like about DXLive?

According to almost every DXLive review, this website does it better than everyone – quality over quantity. It may not have thousands of models online at all times, but it has some of the finest dolls out there.

You will also love how eager those models are to satisfy you. Most of them will work like your slaves – ask them to turn around and show you their butt cheeks, then give them a few seconds.

The simplistic and user friendly interface is not to be overlooked either. Anyone can find their way around the website within seconds, yet you have a helping bar too.

Finally, the automatic translation makes communication way easier.

What I Don’t Like about DXLive?

If there is one thing some might complain about, that is the lack of HD cams, which are quite limited. Other than that, every issue has been successfully tackled overtime.


In the end, this DXLive review should tell you everything you need to know for informed decisions. The website does raise to the expectations and represents a leading live sex cam portal if you are into Asians.

Overall Rating


At first glance, DxLive looks pretty stylish and is coherently set-out, but suffers from a lack of online performers. Nonetheless, with the cute chicks that are present, overcoming the language barrier shouldn’t be an issue. These girls are eager and willing to please and know exactly how to put their points across.

  • Quality
  • Content
  • Price
  • Navigation


  • Straightforward interface
  • Automatic translation
  • Many details on each model
  • Communicative and friendly models
  • High quality models


  • Not too many HD cams
  • Some girls might find it hard to understand you and vice versa

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