JerkDolls Review: Free To Play Sex Simulator

JerkDolls review
The age of perfect and unchangeable sex dolls is here. No one in this world has to have sex with a regular human being unless they want to. While there is not a lot of talk about sex dolls in the woman area of the world, it seems that men can’t stop talking about them. Unfortunately, these dolls are not affordable yet. Many of them cost over a thousand dollars, especially the high-quality ones.

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And since they require meticulous handling and construction, they are not customizable in any way! So I guess a 24/7 fuckable doll has its limits. Once you purchase one, you have to clean it and maintain it. You’re only stuck with the single doll until you can save up money to buy a second one. But what if you were to play a game where you had no such limits?

What if you were able to customize any doll at any time, keep multiple dolls, and never have to clean up any dirty messes after you’re done with them? If you like the sound of this, you will enjoy playing Jerkdolls.

What is JerkDolls

This game’s objective is as classic and simple as any other adult game, have sex with as many of the characters and dolls as possible. Throughout the game, you’ll be able to customize all of your dolls just the way you like them and put them in the delay any position you want. You can make them as tall as an Amazonian or as small as a sprite. This game caters to all of your sexual needs & wants.

If you don’t like how something is going, you can always readjust the scene and change it to your liking. Pretty much everything in this game is customizable, well, everything that you’ll be interacting with.

How to play

jerk dolls
As we said above, playing this game is straightforward and simple. You are in complete control of all sexual situations and characters. You’ll be able to control how many people are in the same, what positions they are in, the camera angles, how intense you want the fucking to be, and much more.

While you advance and experiment, you may have to complete some challenges presented to you by the game. But the game does well in making sure its players can do whatever they want and as much as they want.

What to look forward to when playing JerkDolls

  • Next-level graphics: For a free sex game, Jerkdolls went all out and ensured that they have some of the best graphics available for their players. Every doll’s skin looks fantastic and realistic, the sweat and saliva look runny and sticky, and all of the bodily fluids look as though they run like a faucet.
  • Completely free: Given this game’s customization and its high-quality graphics, it is a blessing that this game is completely free. Sure, you do have to sign up for a membership, but you’ll never be charged for playing this game, although there are special items and boosts you can purchase with your money. But when you sign up for membership and give your credit card details, make sure there are no boxes checked to pay for other games.
  • Can play on mobile: Sometimes, you just can’t stay at home and masturbate. You have to do it somewhere else, like in a public park at night alone. but if you’re someone who has to leave their computer for whatever reason, you can play this game on your smartphone
  • No ads: Adult sex games have a terrible reputation for including the game and around the game screen, but Jerdolls doesn’t allow this. No ads will appear any time you are playing, so your game is seamless and does not break immersion.

What not to look forward to when playing JerkDolls

  • Slow loading time: multiple reviews have complained about the game’s slow processing time. While it does make sense that this game will not be as fast as a game that you download onto your computer, it would make more sense if the website you play this game on allows you to download it onto your system for a much more seamless and interrupted gameplay.
  • Must create membership: Yes, before you’re allowed to play with any of your dolls and get into the game, you have to sign up for a membership. Without a membership, you are not even allowed to test the game. perhaps this point would not be such a major deterrence too many potential players if they put up several videos that feature real gameplay
  • Must give credit card number: Even though the game is 100% free to play, you still have to type in your credit card information if you want to play. They say this is to verify that you were over 18 years old, but the game never once asked how old you are, so I don’t think so.
Users Reviews

Since this game is completely free and has great graphics, many of its players are satisfied with Jerkdolls and have no problem coming back repeatedly. The biggest complaint is that you have to sign up for membership and insert your credit card details to play a free game. But we suspect that this is a necessity for the game makers. If a person’s credit card details are already uploaded, they’re more likely to purchase in-game boost or leave game donations.


Overall, this is a high-quality game that you do not want to miss. The entire scene and everything in the scene is completely at your command. There are multiple ways to customize a sex scene and tune it to your liking. The fact that there are no ads anywhere in the game is another plus that we have to bring up again since it is annoying as it is one of the biggest deterrents that keep people from playing because of games. Just be sure to save your loving details and always log out if you are playing on a shared computer.

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